Froilabo, precision for life

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment, Froilabo is specialized in the control of temperature and humidity.

Pioneer of control of the temperature

Building on 100 years of experience, Froilabo is today specialized in the manufacture of laboratory equipment requiring precise temperature control for the preparation and / or preservation of samples.

Couprie,the origins

Couprie was created in Lyon in 1918, at the request of pharmaceutical companies that were developing in the Lyon region and were looking for sample preparation equipment. Originally, the company manufactured incubators for newborns. It was the first company to manufacture centrifuges in France.

Firlabo/Froilabotwo company’s experiences gathered into one

Froilabo was founded in 1946 and is dedicated to refrigeration and climate equipment for conservation and testing. Couprie was taken over in 1985 by Firlabo, a company specializing in incubators and laboratory centrifuges. In 1998, Firlabo and Froilabo merged their activities.

Froilabo/Techcomp,acceleration of innovation

In 2009, Froilabo joined the Techcomp group, bringing together various manufacturers of scientific equipment. The same year, the range of freezers: Bio Memory was launched. It was followed, 7 years later, with the Essential and Evolution ranges.

French design,European manufacturing

Based on 100 years of experience, Froilabo offers a complete range of products to prepare and store samples: freezers, incubators, climatic chambers, thermal conditioners, etc. All our devices are manufactured and approved according to EN60068-3-11, the only standard in force in Europe. The preservation of the sample under all circumstances is at the heart of our product development strategy.


Since 2009, Froilabo has been part of the Techcomp group who manufacturer a variety of scientific equipment (Edinburgh Instruments, Precisa, Dynamica). Techcomp specialises in the manufacture and distribution of laboratory equipment and includes in Europe the following companies: Froilabo (laboratory equipment), Scion Instruments (gas chromatography), Precisa (laboratory scales), Edinburgh Instruments (Spectrophotometers, fluorescence). Discover the Techcomp Group.

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