Heal Force

Established in 1989, Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited is a Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment, laboratory equipment, and healthcare equipment. With over two decades of experience in the field, we are able to provide a vast range of products, including our electrosurgical generator, anesthetic machine, patient monitor, biological safety cabinet, laboratory centrifuge, pulse oximeter, massager, and more. In addition, we can also offer customized solutions for clients’ special requirements.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, our company has grown steadily and now has many subsidiaries, like Heal Force Development Limited, Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited, Shanghai Lishen Scientific Equipment Company, Shanghai Lonyee Company, to name a few.

At Heal Force, we have established an extensive sales and service network, which enables us to provide quality products and services for clients both at home and abroad. Currently our electrosurgical generator, patient monitor, laboratory centrifuge, CO2 incubator, and other products are exported to over 120 countries worldwide, such as France, Britain, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, and more.

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